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Embark on a remarkable new voyage without leaving your own school! 

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'Imiloa is continuing to expand our impact through our newest educational endeavor, MANU 'Imiloa, a mobile outreach program aimed at sharing 'Imiloa's unique brand of culture-based science education across Hawai'i Island! 
MANU 'Imiloa (Modern and Ancient ways of Navigating our Universe) sends 'Imiloa staff on the road to deliver an interactive curriculum inspired by the Polynesian Voyaging Society's epic Worldwide Voyage, designed to explore the skills involved in non-instrument ocean navigation, or wayfinding.
Propelled by Hawai'i's heritage of exploration and innovation, MANU 'Imiloa delves into the world as seen from the perspective of a way finder -- a navigator who navigates without the use of modern instruments. 
NOIO (Non-instrument Orientation, an Introduction to Oceanic wayfinding)
Keiki, grades K-12, to Kupuna
The Noio, also known as the Noddy tern, is a land-based bird that has a pattern of flying about 40 miles out to sea in the morning and then returns to land in the afternoon. Never venturing too far from its coastal home, the noio serves as an important clue for navigators that landfall is near. 
Like those seeking the sensation of voyaging without traveling far from home, this interactive journey introduces you to the basic skills essential to the practice of the oceanic art of non-instrument navigation, or wayfinding. Gather around Kā Pānānā Hōkū, the Hawaiian Star Compass, or sit beneath Nā ʻOhana Hōkū ʻEhā, the Four Star Families, in our digital portable planetarium to discover how wayfinders rely upon their relationship with their environment to determine course and direction.